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The Melanated Files Podcast

We recently launched our podcast, The Melanated Files (or The MFiles for short) and though it bares the same name as our popular YouTube series, it differs in that its sole focus is solution driven discussions on the black experience across the world.

We aim to be a part of the solution and more importantly, be the change that we want to see. We see the platform that we've been given as both an opportunity and a privilege to serve. We want to do good. This is the motivation behind everything that we do and this podcast is no different. The host and co-host of our podcast will be yours truly (Ranzo) and Janique respectively. Each week we will discuss possible solutions to all the known issues affecting the black community across the globe. With each new episode, the goal is to get better, as we seek to be as effective and efficient as possible in everything we do. As a result, the podcast will inevitably evolve to take on a more effective form both in style and structure. But make no mistake, the objective will be the same - solutions.

About Our First Episode

The black community has been through a lot. Those of us within this community know this better than anyone. The odds are generally stacked against us and when we're not engaged in battles without the community, we are engaged in battles within it. These realities are well understood. However, the purpose of this podcast is to focus on solutions; if we can't lay hold of any, we will seek them, with the belief that they shall be found.

Janique & Ranzo, co-host & host (respectively)

We believe progress comes from not only recognizing the problem, but working relentlessly to solve it. In episode one of The MFiles podcast, we discuss its objective, The MFiles series on our Black Experience Japan's YouTube channel, and more. If you would like to see positive change within the black community, we encourage you to listen to this episode and join us on our journey. A journey where we intend to do what we can, to be the change that we want to see.

You can watch the video version of our podcast below:

If you prefer the audio experience, you can listen to our podcast on the streaming platform of your choice here (if it's not yet available on the platform of your choice it will be available there soon):

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again.

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