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Family - Our Free Tokyo Event

Scenes from our free Tokyo event, Family.

"It was everything I didn't know I needed until it happened," said A. who was present on the night of the event. We too shared A's sentiment as the event was stuffed with good food and good vibes and it really did feel like we were with family. June's event was our first event of 2019 and the second since our inception.

Some described our BEJ launch event in Tokyo in 2017 as magical. And if you had been there you would have probably thought the same thing. The energy was right, the food was good and the performances brought some of us to tears. And ever since that night, it had been our intention to recreate that energy and multiple that event, so that it could be experienced as often as possible. It was that night that was the inspiration for Family. The name Family is the embodiment of the feelings and energy that were birth on that night.

So, though we were unsure if we'd be able to recreate that same energy, we decided to give it a go and we're happy that the first staging of Family didn't disappoint. Although it was held on a Wednesday night, we were graced with some beautiful faces and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. The night no doubt gave birth to new friendships and a monthly gathering where experiences, stories, talents and laughter can be shared in a cozy space. What was also heart warming for us was that we were visited by two individuals who had attended our launch event back in 2017.

Scenes from our free Tokyo event, Family.

That Family Feeling

Being a family of three, living in Tokyo has been a very interesting experience for us. We were very fortunate to have travelled as a family unit, whereas many others made their journey to Japan solo. So, hosting Family for us is also a gift from our hearts that will allow others within the community to share a similar comfort of being at home with loved ones; we wanted to create an environment where that wholesome feeling flourished. This was one of the motivations behind us making the event completely free - attendees can enjoy free admission, food and drink.

Most of the night was spent in conversations and eating. We did however take some time to introduce ourselves, which was truly a highlight of the night along with a performance by Balanc3, a very talented poet that was featured in an MFiles episode. We do hope that you will get the chance to join us at one of our events in the future and become a part of the family.

The next staging of Family will be on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. You can visit our event's page for details here.

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