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Jun 1

Hey i need help getting to japan and having a fun and welcoming trip with my family any advice.

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  • Pamela Thompkins
    Jun 20

    Hi, BEJ. I enjoy your work ethic and appreciate all the hard work to deliver useful and practical content. However, I would like to see more detailed information (if applicable, at the time of a video shoot) about the process to gain employement as a teacher. I am a US Army Veteran who was stationed in Seoul, Korea many years ago. I was impressed with Ms. Frank (Felicia) and her experience as a teacher working in Seoul. I have a Bachealor's Degree in the Arts of Divinity (course catalog focus in leadership, mentoring, coaching and missions). I am currently doing my masters grauduate studies online at Liberty University. Upon graduation, I will have a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Any video interview you can do on the process of becoming a teacher abroad is welcomed. Likewise, if there is a specific recognized certification requirement that I need to have is great to know. Blessings, Ms. Thompkins
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