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A place to find and share advice, insight and information on the black experience in Japan.

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  • Pamela Thompkins
    Jun 20

    Hi, BEJ. I enjoy your work ethic and appreciate all the hard work to deliver useful and practical content. However, I would like to see more detailed information (if applicable, at the time of a video shoot) about the process to gain employement as a teacher. I am a US Army Veteran who was stationed in Seoul, Korea many years ago. I was impressed with Ms. Frank (Felicia) and her experience as a teacher working in Seoul. I have a Bachealor's Degree in the Arts of Divinity (course catalog focus in leadership, mentoring, coaching and missions). I am currently doing my masters grauduate studies online at Liberty University. Upon graduation, I will have a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Any video interview you can do on the process of becoming a teacher abroad is welcomed. Likewise, if there is a specific recognized certification requirement that I need to have is great to know. Blessings, Ms. Thompkins
  • This will be first trip using wheelchair and walker. My MS has progressed. Also, have food allergies (gluten and dairy free). Suggestions for where to stay and what to eat will be a great help. Thanks in advance.